“Suction” - Water Supplies

General Requirements - for "Suction Supply" Use

Generally, a suction water supply may be recognized for fire fighting when:

A "suction supply" may be used by several methods, some are as follows:

Each of these setups usually has an impact on connection times and as such, may have an effect on your overall water supply operation. Connecting to a fixed or permanent installation such as a dry hydrant is usually the safest and quickest method. Additionally it opens up avenues whereby other ISO points can be generated.

For ISO approval the following information is required:

A. Mapping Requirement:

B. Suction Supply Requirements:

C. Fire Department Information Required:

Additional Detail Information

A. Point of use Coverage/Structures:

B. Dry Hydrant Supply Information:

C. Dry Hydrant Construction Requirements:

D. Automatic-Aid Source Locations:

E. Permission to use Water Source:

F. Freeze Conditions & Protection:

G. For additional documentation consult: