Elevated Ponds and Tanks

(for freezing applicatons)

diagram showing fire truck drafting from elevated pond and use of check valve sand strainer, vent and valve, pressure line for filling

diagram showing fire truck drafting from elevated tank using low level strainer, check valve, vent valve, large gated intake valve and pressure line.

Operational Procedure for Elevated Tanks

(Prevents water loss due to drainage)

  1. Connect hard suction.
  2. Connect pressure line.
  3. Slowly fill 6" pipe until overflow occurs at the upper 3" check valve.
  4. Close pressure line and open gated intake valve.
  5. Begin drafting, gradually opening valves until full flow is obtained.
  6. When operation is complete, open 3" check to break siphon.

Over the Top - Dry Hydrant

Diagram showing fire truck drafting from holding tan with low level strainer

Kit Components


  • Dry hydrant head.
  • Low level strainer.
  • Priming tube assembly.
  • Two (2) 90° elbows.
  • 6" schedule 40 pipe/ft.
  • double female adapters
  • male/female L/H adapters
  • flexable suction hose
  • priming pump assembly

Drafting Procedure

Drafting Procedure for fire department from holding tank.

Operational Procedure for Drafting

  1. Connect hard suction.
  2. Open tank valve and flood hose.
  3. Connect hand primer to top port.
  4. Prime until pump is flowing water.
  5. The dry hydrant is now ready.
  6. Engage the fire pump and open needed discharge lines.
  7. Leave primer pump connected.
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