Check Valves

Check Valve & Strainer – “Patented”

Prevents Primmer Motor Burnout. All components are non-corrosive. SST Hinge & Screws. Momentary Valve - Bleed-Back Holes allow water to slowly recede back to lake level after use, preventing freezing. Oversize Check Valve provides Full Flow through valve mechanism. Provides more than a 1:1 ratio for thru-put of a 6" pipe. Head loss <1.0 psi. @ 1,000 gpm. Valve holds a head pressure of 15 ft or 6.45 lb/sq. in. Caution: Design as shown cannot be back flushed. Valve is removable for cleaning if needed. May be shipped with threaded couplings for easy removal also.

Check Valve & Strainer
Part # Size Description
9197-000 6" Coupling 8" Strainer 8" Horz Strainer w/ Check Valve
9197-100 8" Coupling/ 8" Strainer 8" Horz Strainer w/ Check Valve

Male dry hydrant assembly

Use with Intake Vent Adapter for faster connection. Note: Unit comes with ´┐ŻBack flush Label 9145-004.

bridge strainer

Suction Vent/Valve – (For use priming Check Valve Strainers)

Aluminum Coupling - designed to be connected between the large intake on the engine pump and the suction hose. Vent port uses a 1 ½” x ¼ turn ball valve. To Use: 1 - Connect to intake with hose attached to Dry Hydrant. 2 - Open ¼ turn vent valve. 3 - Open tank to pump valve. 4 – Water will flow from onboard tank, filling up dry pipe as air escapes through the vent. When air turns to a solid stream of water, close ¼ turn ball valve. 5 - Close tank to pump valve. Pump should start without pulling prime. If not, momentarily pull primer. Assembly normally is made using long handle FNST x MNST thread, however other configurations are available upon request.

Suction Vent/Valve
Part # Size
9289-000 6” Vent Valve Assy – M/F L/H
9289-010 5” Vent Valve Assy – M/F L/H
9289-020 4 ½” Vent Valve Assy – M/F L/H
9289-030 4 ” Vent Valve Assy – M/F L/H
Male dry hydrant assembly

Female/Female NST, Storz or Cam Lock also available upon request.