General Video Information

ETT & Fire Videos:

As a 27 year Volunteer Firefighter and Instructor, Stan saw a need to show & teach new firefighters what was actually happening inside a burning structure. Having a hobby in video and being a Mechanical Design Engineer by profession, the idea of combining his two loves eventually became a reality. After many trials and a few melted camera's he eventually developed the right combination.

Flex Assembly with PVC Ends.

Fire Training Videos

All live fire videos are filmed using a special camera designed to withstand heat and moisture. Most videos are made using at least two cameras, showing both inside and outside action.

ETT Special Projects & Services:

Want to capture your live burn on video? See "Video Services" for details.

Flex Assembly with PVC Ends.

Special Project Videos

Special Project Videos include individual department videos, "How-To" videos and Civil War Reenactments.

Have camera...will travel!!!

ETT special projects also include features like "Battle for the Armory", a Civil War reenactment. Put yourself on the battlefield and hear the roar of the cannons in this two hour documentary.

Look for new videos coming soon!

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