Fire Training Videos

exterior trainingTraining is an important part of the fire service. It prepares personnel for the real thing, sharpens skills and reduces on-scene injuries.

Our Fire Training Videos will provide your department with an "inside view", preparing your personnel for the many different tasks that come with being in the fire service. The rewards of training and being prepared are many.

Structure Fire Training

Structure Fire TrainingRed Hill Fire Dept.
Item # VLF-1
Price $19.95

Action! Action! Action!
A live fire Training Experience. 1 hour video - Covers: Search and Rescue, Fire Attack and Water Supply using floating pumps. Combined training involving four departments. Structure is a single story wooden lake cabin. Inside video utilizing a special camera.

The Devil's Dance

The Devil's DanceThe Devil's Dance With Instructors Guide
Item # VDD1
Price $39.95

Excellent teaching tool! Special camera equipment, slow motion, picture in picture.
Lets you see action inside and out at the same time.
Part I - Live Fire as it happened. Part II - Reviews each of nine subject matters or stages of fire fighting. 1 hour video - Covers: Dump Tank Setup, Water Supply, Search and Rescue, Fire Behavior, Fire Attack, Review - What went right? What went wrong? Video is designed for you the instructor. Excellent refresher class. Video comes complete with printed instructors guide.

Firefighter I

Fire Fighter l Class of 1990Class of 1990
Item # VFF1-90
Price $19.95

Feel the Heat! Filmed from the "Inside" using specially designed Camera Equipment. 1 3/4 hours of live fire training. Video covers two days of live burns held at the conclusion of a 160 hour Fire Fighting I Class.

Water Shuttle Test

Water Shuttle TestFill - Travel - Dump
Item # VWS123
Price $10.00

Water on Wheels!
Video covers an actual ISO Water Shuttle test. Each segment shown in detail. "Fill" site utilizes hydrant connection with 2 lines. "Travel" is over a two mile route. "Dump" shows four tankers involved in a round robin shuffle. Flow rate of 700 gpm achieved during final test. Department achieved an ISO rating of Class 5 as a result of the demonstration.

High Angle Rescue

High Angle Rescue 80 foot structure
Item #VHAR
Price $15.95

Victim Down! Haz-Mat! 80-ft. high grain elevator! A training exercise involving possible hazardous materials with a victim on top of an 80 ft. wood grain elevator. Scenario includes; radio dispatch traffic, medical response team, use of aerial ladder truck, removal of victim and set up of De-Con.


Flashover!A Devil From Hell
Item #VLF-2
Price $29.95

Look into the eyes of the Fire Dragon! A live fire training experience. See what few firemen have seen and lived to tell about. Flashover explosion blows tin from roof. Watch from the inside as fire builds and builds until it engulfs everyone and everything. A "Must See" Video! Also includes search and rescue. Lot's of Hot, Hot, Action!

Want your next training fire captured on video? It's as simple as dialing (toll free) 877-827-2797. We will have more videos soon. Check back often for new ways to train your fire personnel!