The Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO) is a company that provides a leading source of information about risk for the property & casualty insurance industry. They supply data, analytics and decision-support services for professionals in many fields, including; insurance, finance, real estate, health services, government and human resources. Its products help customers measure, manage and reduce risk.

ISO is used by insurance companies in most states to evaluate fire departments for the purpose of establishing insurance premiums in the local areas. In states using ISO; Fire Alarm, Fire Department, and Water Supply are measured in the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS).

This schedule reviews the major elements of a community’s fire-suppression system and develops a numerical grading called a Public Protection Classification (PPC). Within this grading there are 10 classifications, which define different levels of public fire suppression capabilities. These are reflected in individual property fire insurance relativities. A classification of 1 is the best and a classification of 10 would be the worst (having no recognized fire protection).

ISO Classification (PPC)

In obtaining an ISO Classification, the grading is broken down into three major categories. They are:

Receiving and Handling of Fire Alarms - 10% = 10 points
Fire Department - 50% = 50 points
Water Supply - 40% = 40 points
  100 % = 100 points

For more ISO information please consult the ISO Fire Suppression Rating Schedule. This publication can be purchased by downloading an order form from the ISO web site or or call them at 800-444-4554.

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