Inake Strainers

intake strainersUsually a dry hydrant system will consist of two main components, the head assembly and a strainer. These two components are connected by a pipe, which carries the water from the strainer to the head. As a dry hydrant system is usually a suction supply it is critical to eliminate friction loss as much as possible. (See dry hydrant flow calculations for detail) For this reason it is important to pick a strainer with a high intake ratio. (Open hole area compared to head area) A 4:1 ratio is ideal and a 2:1 should be minimum.

The selection of a strainer is dependent upon the application and requirements to meet the needed fire flow (NFF). Factors which should be considered in selecting a strainer are: the depth of water source, type of source, flow conditions, drought conditions, flood possibilities, water source fluctuations, bottom conditions, floating debris, suspended debris, fish, Zebra Muscles, Barnacles, vertical lift and needed flow rate. Specific details on many of these concerns are provided for your consideration.

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