Above Ground Installation

Checklist and Instructions for Horizontal Strainers

Water Source

Determine the depth of water at piping entry location. In ponds, use low water level if known to ensure operation during droughts.

A minimum of two feet of water over pipe is necessary to avoid cavitation.

Feet or Lift

Lift in excess of 15 feet needs to be avoided, a maximum of 10 feet for other than Class "A" pumps. The lift is the vertical distance from the water's surface to the hydrant outlet.


Hydrants should be located with the following considerations:


Permission of land owner is needed if site is on private property. Local fire department needs to be notified, and should also be discussed with home owner insurance carrier.

  1. We feel the length of pipe should be held to around 40 feet maximum if at all possible. While the horizontal pipe should always be below water, that may not always be the case as the pipe should have a gradual slope toward the pond. During Drought conditions, long pipe lengths could lead to primer pump burnout.

    horizontal installation of dry hydrant

  2. Hydrants will need to be installed in deep water rather than in the shallow end. This is necessary due to the reach of a backhoe. On a shallow slope, the reach would exceed the 10 - foot to 12 - foot capability of most equipment.
  3. Both a 45-degree or 90-degree configuration can be used to install the dry hydrant. One may be a better choice than the other depending upon terrain at the site location.

    horizontal dry hydrant installation

  4. On short pipe installations of approximately 30 feet, we found a slight variation could be done to significantly add to the draw-down depth during drought conditions.

    Of course this could only be done in deep ponds, but the total pipe installation for priming would still remain within reason (40 feet maximum including 10 feet of priming suction hose).

    short pipe installation

  5. Height of the dry hydrant above the ground should be approximately 2 feet or lower than the intake of the responding fire truck.

    height of the dry hydrant above the ground

Installing Your Dry Hydrant